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The Showgirls welcome sponsorship advertising. We’re are on the lookout for relevant companies and local government organisations who’s values align with ours.

The Showgirls value equality, diversity, inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, respect, courage and strength through adversity. If our values resonate with you and you would like your brand to be viewed positively as a participating member of our community the Showgirls will welcome you with open arms as our advertising sponsorship partner and feature your brand prominently in all of our high quality media productions.

Please use the form below to purchase advertising sponsorship. Your advertisement will be inserted prominently into each one of the next months Showgirls videos and your logo and brand will be emphasised and given as much exposure as possible.

Your advertisement will remain visible in the Showgirls videos forever. No matter how far and how wide the videos are shared on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and other online platforms your advertisment will be visible!

This is an incredible opportunity to associate your companies brand with the LGBTQI+ community in general and the Showgirls in particular!

Sponsorship advertising is our premium product. We use the funding we receive from advertising sponsors in order to help finance our monthly Showgirls events at the Pride of Our Footscray Community Bar. The funds are put towards gowns, dresses, makeup and cosmetics, costumes and other products the trans performers need to put on an incredible show for both the patrons present at the bar and for the cameras and an international audience!

Purchase Advertising Sponsorship: $299 AUD

Example of one of our sponsors advertisements - Maki Mix ad in Erica's performance (click screenshot):

Example of one of our sponsors advertisements - Chrysalis Australia and INTJ Billing (click screenshot):


Showgirls Sponsorship Advertising Bitcoin Payment Address:


The Showgirls proudly promote inclusion, diversity and equality for LGBTQIA+ people. We accept Bitcoin with welcoming arms and an open heart as our primary method of payment for sponsorship advertising.

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. It’s open-source (so it’s very diverse). Its design is public. Nobody owns or controls Bitcoin (all are equal) and everyone can take part in the network (which means it’s very inclusive). Bitcoin shares each of the Showgirls core values.

Please pay us via Bitcoin for the sponsorship advertising you're purchasing. Simply open your Bitcoin wallet on your phone, point your camera at the Showgirls QR code image above, scan our Bitcoin QR code, enter the amount and swipe right to send the funds. After you're sure that you have filled in the form completely and have sent your payment via Bitcoin please click the Submit Sponsorship Advertising Request button below which will send us an email with the information you provided in the form above and also send you a thank you email and will bring up a page that will allow you to upload your video, audio, photos, etc to us that we will cut into an advertisement for you for insertion into the next round of Showgirls videos.

If you experience any trouble with submitting the form please call or email the Advertising Sponsorship Manager:

Clarke Towson
Phone: +61 432 359 166
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/clarke.towson
Call Clarke Towson via Skype

Thank you for supporting The Showgirls 💋💋💋

Melbourne, Australia.

Footscray, Victoria 3011

Ad Sponsorship Manager: +61 432 359 166

Callers please leave a message and Clarke Towson the Advertising Sponsorship Manager will get back to you

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/clarke.towson

Skype: clarketowson1

Email: clarke@transshowgirls.com.au


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